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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is one the best known and most highly sort after medicinal herbs
on the planet. Used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, its broader
name is Panex Ginseng: interestingly ‘Panex’ is derived from Greek meaning
‘cure-all’. It has a plethora of uses in traditional alternative medicine ranging
from boosting mood to even being known as natures natural Viagra. Ginseng was
chosen to be a part of the Memoraid brain and energy boosting formula for four
main reasons; studies have shown it to:

1. Improve memory and overall brain performance: acts as an
antioxidant helping to prevent free radical damage and reduce ‘mental
2. Relieve stress: known as an adaptogen, it has shown evidence of
reducing the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol in your body, helping you to stay
calm in pressured circumstances
3. Activate your immune system: increasing the number of white blood
cells in the blood
4. Boost your mood and mental well-being: Shown to regulate serotonin,
dopamine and norepinephrine
5. Boost your energy, endurance and strength: improves circulation and
stabilizes blood sugar levels helping to avoid peaks and troughs in energy

Here at Memoraid, we have always had a caffeine free ethos to brain
optimization, mainly due to the side effects too much caffeine can have e.g.
increased anxiety and blood pressure. This ethos has been re-reinforced by the
banning of the sale of caffeinated drinks to the under 16s in leading
supermarkets; Memoraid can provide a natural alternative source of energy and

We love to hear from our customers and we actively take time to call them to see
how they are getting along with Memoraid and what changes they are making to
their lifestyles. We have had customers report that Memoraid has helped
increase their memory, mood and energy levels. These positive affects can be
attributed to ginseng working alongside our other powerful ingredients.