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Exam season at Manchester Uni

Thank you to all the students in Manchester that spoke to us about Memoraid. It was great to talk with them and hear their views on brain health. Interestingly, most students told us that they drink too much coffee and suffer side effects such as anxiety and sleep loss. They were also worried about the use of illegal prescription drugs sold on the black market and the use amongst the student population.

It was brilliant to see that they also saw the benefit of a caffeine free regulated memory supplement (nootropic) like Memoraid and how interested they were in the brain health advice we offer. A common question also was whether Memoraid is vegan. Currently Memoraid is suitable for vegetarians not vegans. After this feedback, we have decided to investigate how to make the Memoraid formula vegan, so everyone can benefit from Memoraid. We will keep you up to date on our progress.

It was also great to meet some of the students that already take Memoraid and experience its benefits.

Good luck to all students taking exams this year!

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