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Is caffeine a students worst nightmare?

Caffeine is a multi-billion pound industry. We all have a favourite type of coffee these
days, there is so much variety on offer. Mine happens to be a flat white. With coffee shops on every turn and most corner shops rammed with energy drinks, it’s hard to ignore our addiction to caffeine.

I need a large black coffee! Get me an oversized energy drink now! Sound familiar? If you’ve been under any sort of exam or deadline pressure I’m sure you may have said these words.

But be careful. Caffeine has a whole list of negative side effects. It can be harmful too,
both for your health and memory. Other common side effects that I’m sure we’ve all
experienced, I know I have, are anxiety, high blood pressure and palpitations. Mixing caffeine and alcohol can be especially dangerous.

Recently the World Health Organization and the NHS said energy drinks could cause public health problems.

More warnings about excessive use of caffeine are needed to raise awareness.

Ways to avoid excessive caffeine and side effects:

  • Be organized and start your work early to avoid a last minute frenzied panic.
  • Caffeine in moderation. Like all things that affect your body they are best enjoyed and used in moderation.
  • Why not try a caffeine free alternative - Memoraid is a caffeine free alternative that provides natural energy and focus
  • Avoid that late afternoon coffee or energy drink it can affect your sleep. Leave at least 8 hours before you want to sleep.

Why not try the Memoraid Caffeine Free challenge. Can you go without caffeine for a week? Let us know how you get on and tag us with your caffeine free selfie!

Tips to get you through the challenge:
Replace caffeine with regular exercise and up your water intake…you should start to gradually feel improvements in your daily energy. To begin with, you might feel less energetic without your caffeine fix but keep going! By the end of the week you will notice a big improvement in energy levels and overall wellbeing. Good luck!