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Pick up your pair of skis and start skiing your way to better brain health

We've covered in our last blogs how regular physical activity is important for your overall health with a focus on brain performance and health.

The below photo shows a group of elite skiiers towards the end of a 30 km ski race from Cortina to Dobbiaco last Sunday and kindly shared by one of our Memoraid customers. He wanted us to share it and symbolise the positive impact getting out/trying new hobbies has on both your mental and brain's health. Read more about the wonders skiing has on the brain.

Reduces Anxiety

Getting out onto the slopes and enjoying the magnificent mountanous views, provides you with a change of environment that helps you escape from the everyday worries of the fast paced cycle of everyday life. Find time to relax.

If you are going skiing for the first time, I wouldn't recommended heading down a black ski run as these may increase your anxiety but at the same time, gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush! If you didn't know what black runs are, they are an extremely difficult run suited for expert skiers .

Reduced Depression

Exercise such as skiing can alleviate symptoms of depression by reducing chemicals in your system that fuel depression. Skiing stimulates your brain to release neurotransmitters and endorphins that lessen the symptoms of depression. 

Lifts Mood

Getting out in the fresh air and swooping down the slopes has the power to lift your spirits. Unlike other forms of exercise performed indoors, skiing brings you at one with nature and supplies you with the perfect environment to appreciate the greatness of outdoors and peaceful feeling of something greater than oneself. The change in environment and trying something new, takes you out of your normal routine and forms new neuronal connections in your brains. This rewiring of the brain has many brain benefits and studies have shown that trying new hobbies can reduce your likelihood of developing diseases such as dementia.


One of Memoraid's 7 fundamental lifestyle tips, is mental stimulation. Skiing offers both aerobic activity and muscle building exercises. The mental stimulation provided whilst outdoors and skiing, exercises your brain as much as your body. Regular exercise can prevent cognitive decline and age-related memory loss and can cause an improvement in cognitive skills. 

Improved Sleep

A good nights sleep helps regulate your mood whilst improving your memory and ability to learn. The good physical workout and mental escape will be a positive factor in helping you get a good nights sleep. 

Before we end, here is a picture of Memoraid taking our advice and getting out on the slopes. Thank you again to our customer for providing the excellent skiing shot from last sunday and keep up the good work in improving your brain's health!