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5 top study tips for revising and exams

Everyone is different and we all have our own study methods when revising for exams. Here are a few tips from us that you can introduce into your learning style

Memoraid’s top 5 study and exam tips:

1.       Smells can bring back memories and help you relax, this can be used to your advantage when studying. Firstly, here is the science: smells are first picked up by the olfactory bulb in your nose; interestingly this information is sent to the parts of the brain which deal with emotion and memory, the amygdala and hippocampus. This means that you can create a positive association between smell and an activity that you love/makes you feel good and then introduce this same smell before/during an exam. Not only can smells create positive feelings, they can also bring back memories; you can use a fragrance during study and then spray that same fragrance before an exam. Some great essential oils for studying are lemon, rosemary, lavender and jasmine which you will be able to get from your local health food store.

2.       Effective note taking and use of notes. When in lectures take notes, as this helps you to keep focused and take in the information your lecturer is giving you. Create and answer questions from your notes; answering questions gets you in the right frame of mind for an exam and it also proves that you are retaining and understanding the information. Review and reflect on your notes regularly.

3.       Avoid studying after 9pm, studies suggest that sleep and rest are both key to a peak performing brain.

4.       Avoid caffeine, caffeine can cause anxiety and stress which are the last symptoms you need during exam season. Caffeine also decreases your ability to get a good sleep, reducing your brains recovery period and decreasing your performance

5.       Keep hydrated, drink at least two litres of water a day. If you are dehydrated you brain doesn't function as well, so keep well hydrated for better brain performance. 


Hope you found this blog useful, good luck with your studies!