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Why did we decide that Memoraid should be a free-from product?

Why did we decide Memoraid should be a free-from product?

Memoraid is allergen free, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. We wanted Memoraid to be a supplement everyone could take and experience its benefits. 

Why did we decide that Memoraid should be a caffeine free product?

With an energy drink ban proposed by the government this year (see link, I thought I would talk a bit about the Memoraid mission.

Here at Memoraid, we know too well the dangers of a caffeine overload. Too much caffeine can cause anxiety, sleep loss and palpitations; these are side effects that can have a negative impact on your health but can also diminish your ability to concentrate or focus in times of need like studying or exams.

Memoraid was created to be a caffeine free energy and brain boost supplement, packed with 15 well-researched ingredients. As part of our mission we didn’t just want to create a caffeine and allergen free product, we also wanted to provide healthy lifestyle advice along with it. This advice helps keep you healthy and perform at your best on a day to day basis but also in more stressful times like the exam season. 

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