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Your brain is special, look after it!

Over 2000 years ago in 342 BCE Aristotle emphasised the importance of the brain suggesting that the size of an animal’s brain is related to its intelligence. Now we know, size isn’t directly related to intelligence, however it is interesting how all those years ago, great thinkers like Aristotle were starting to realise the importance of the brain.

Some years after that a Greek physician named Galen noticed the effects of brain injury on roman gladiators and correctly observed how it changed their behaviour. Again, reinforcing the importance of the brain.

Beaming forward into the 21st century, we all know the importance of our brains, this has been brought to the forefront in recent years due to the high media coverage on the increase in Alzheimer’s and other brain related diseases amongst our population. It is not so widely known what steps we can all take to improve our brain health, that’s where Memoraid comes in!

Here at Memoraid, it is our mission to get people thinking about their brain and acting to improve both their brain and mental health. We provide a brain health tips card in every pack of Memoraid and we also provide brain health tips on our blog and social media streams. Please check out our blogs and social media streams for the latest brain health advice.