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I can see the Memoraid team have put a lot of research into the ingredients and the fact that it’s a combination product, provides value to the customer with maximum impact of ingredients. I love the concept and feel that it’s much needed in the UK. This has made myself, my customers and my staff think more about brain health. We have had many in-store repeat sales.

Jade Pharmacy - Harrow
Sandip - Pharmacist

Memoraid is a product that is needed. Dementia is increasing in this country. Memoraid helps to raise awareness and overall improve the populations brain health through their ingredients, which are well thought about. We have regular customers who feel that it’s important to look after their brain health by taking Memoraid regularly and following their lifestyle advice. Its a great concept!

Wallis Jones Pharmacy - Esher

People should definitely try Memoraid to see the benefits and help to ward off early dementia/alzheimers. As a pharmacist, I have faith in the ingredients, which has been reinforced by our customers’ feedback such as “Memoraid is a great product and works” to other patients saying their symptoms of memory loss were slightly reversed and their memory had improved!

County Pharmacy - Leicester
Divyesh Shah - Pharmacist

The concept is great with fantastic ingredients. I recommend to patients and they come back. We have a high return rate, so they must be feeling the effects. Patients are saying how much it is helping with their memory. They buy it month on month. It is a very clinical product and looks like it belongs in a pharmacy. Memoraid has made our staff more effective at promoting brain health.

D. Parry Pharmacy - Wimbledon
Paresh - Pharmacist

Memoraid has sparked a lot of interest in our pharmacy and we find it really easy to discuss the product as it makes a lot of sense. Brain health is generally not thought about. Having specialist products like Memoraid makes it easier to think about brain health. We’ve had a lot of positive reviews. One customer said Memoraid made her feel more confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Llandaff Pharmacy - Cardiff
Mr Howarth - Pharmacist

The way things are at the moment with regard to memory loss, it's nice to see Memoraid making a difference. It's a good and innovative product with well thought of ingredients. It has made our staff think more about brain health. Since Memoraid, we have become a dementia friendly store. This training alongside Memoraid’s healthy lifestyle advice is a great combination for our patients.

Sudbury Chemist - Wembley
Mr Chandra - Pharmacist

Memoraid is a well-designed product with attractive packaging to the customer. Dementia and Alzheimers are frequently covered in the press. People are now beginning to take an active role to help improve their lifestyle. We have repeat customers at our pharmacy, so they must feel that Memoraid is working!

St Martins Pharmacy - Oswestry
Kieran Kapoor - Pharmacist

Memoraid is a very good product to recommend for the elderly who don’t have a good diet, especially for the over 60’s. It helps to provide all the optimal vitamins and minerals whilst promoting brain health through its product leaflet. Dementia is a prevalent issue and we have a large elderly population here. We have a lot of repeat customers, so they are obviously feeling the benefits.

Fylde Road Pharmacy - Southport
Sanjay Anand - Pharmacist

Memoraid is a nice product. It’s got all the right ingredients in there and love the packaging. We have regular Memoraid customers, so must be working. There’s so much alzheimers and dementia coming to the surface. It's upsetting seeing the number of customers who are been exposed to this. This combined with Memoraid, has made us think a lot about the importance of brain health.

Quality Health Foods - Harrogate
Staff Member

Memoraid is nicely produced with excellent ingredients, effective ingredient strengths and nicely packaged. Brain health is a key problem at the moment and Memoraid has helped to bring more awareness to our store. Memoraid has huge potential and is already having positive effects in raising awareness.

Health Food Centre - London
David - Store Owner

Memoraid is a unique combination of ingredients and I love the formula. The packaging not only looks great but is very clear to the customer. We have many repeat customers. They are really happy with the formula; the effects and they keep on coming back!

Chelsea Health Store
Harshid - Store Owner

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Frequently asked questions

What does it mean when it says take with or after food?

You can take your Memoraid shortly after eating a small meal or snack, such as lunch, or after any type of healthy food through the day.


Does Memoraid ship to Germany?

Yes, we ship internationally to over 40 countries. The full list can be seen on the checkout section. If your country is not on the list, contact us directly to see if we can help.



Mrs S - 2 years ago

Love the Memoraid story (Audio transcription from customer interview)

I first saw Memoraid on the chemist counter in Aberdeen. The Memoraid leaflet I picked up at my local pharmacy interested me due to the natural ingredients in Memoraid. I liked the story of the pharmacists who invented Memoraid and the idea that they removed caffeine because of its negative effects like inhibiting sleep. The lack of caffeine was good as it meant increasing memory and performance with no red bull effect. I was really interested in Memoraid and decided to take it because I was concerned about my brain feeling fuzzy. Memoraid made me feel brighter, less foggy and it made me feel more confident in myself. It really helped to perk me up. I loved taking this product as it was a combination product and I didn’t have to take lots of tablets to have the same effect. Another important thing to me, is the fact that it isn’t full of fake chemicals. I also have a family history of dementia and strokes, so Memoraid has helped me to start and look after myself properly through their lifestyle advice. I think it’s a perfect supplement.


Would recommend to a friend

James - 2 years ago

Really useful during my exams (Audio transcription from customer interview)

Memoraid was useful during exam times, especially when you’re quite stressed anyway and especially when you’re tired with revising all the time. It improves the focus that you need when you’re going into exams and helps to refresh your brain a lot as well. One of the reasons why I bought it and found Memoraid helpful was with it being caffeine-free. It was really important to me because I try to keep off the caffeine during exams. Memoraid is a really good idea because you don’t really think so much about how your brain performs during exams. You think more about getting through it. I think it’s important to always have something for your brain in order to look after your memory. To sum up, Memoraid makes me feel a lot more focused and less tired. It gives you a memory boost and keeps you alert for longer. Memoraid has definitely made me think more about brain health. The leaflet in the Memoraid pack was really helpful in making you think about how you to change your lifestyle in order to have maximum impact. I kept my leaflet on the fridge in order to constantly remind me.


Would recommend to a friend

Mrs M - 2 years ago

Memoraid is part of my philosophy of life (Audio transcription from customer interview)

Memoraid is part of my philosophy of life. I feel that it’s really beneficial. I’m 72. I go out walking regularly, on Saturdays I go to the gym and during the week I always go out having a good time socializing with my friends. Memoraid is totally in-keeping with my philosophy and I take it/follow their company mission in order to improve my welfare. I want to keep living a healthy lifestyle. Other people who I know, respect and have a similar nature to me are also taking Memoraid, feeling the benefits. That’s how I heard about it. I think everyone who has tried it, is recommending to someone else. That in itself is great evidence to show its working! 


Would recommend to a friend

Mrs B (Cheshire) - 2 years ago

My review (Audio transcription from customer interview)

I like the ingredients and the packaging is eye catching. The benefits to me are that my memory appears to have improved. I realise the importance of maintaining both good physical and mental health and will try whatever I can to improve my brain cells.


Would recommend to a friend

Pharmacy Student at University - 2 years ago

Memoraid is a great product (Audio transcription from customer interview)

Memoraid is a great product. It helped me memorise things for my pharmacy exams. It definitely helped! The packaging and branding is really good. I bought it online and found out about it from our student union shop, who were also selling it. The major improvements I experienced were related to my levels of focus and concentration. I’d use it again!! 


Would recommend to a friend

Manchester University Accountancy Student - 2 years ago

Memoraid is brilliant! (Audio transcription from customer interview)

Memoraid is brilliant. I’ve not been allergic or had any bad reactions to any of the ingredients. It made me feel well in myself and really works. It helped to improve my power and also worked on my memory too. I love the packaging and it is really worth using the product. I had accountancy exams at Manchester University and it improved my focus/memory during my exams. To sum up the benefits it gave me power, energy and memory improvement. I found out about Memoraid, through students talking about how good it was at Manchester University. 


Would recommend to a friend