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Memoraid -
The Complete Memory Supplement

The exciting and innovative Memoraid formula has been designed by a team of experienced and accredited Neurolab UK Pharmacists. It is at the forefront of brain health and performance, covering four key aspects of brain health: Memory, Focus, Energy and Protection.

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  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Protection

What does it contain?

Blueberry Extract

The all-round super fruit: Improves focus and memory whilst increasing brain processing speed and protecting neurons from free radicals with its potent anti-oxidants.

Vitamin B Complex, D & E

Help to improve energy release, mental performance and retention, and boost the immune system.

Salvia Officinalis Extract

Improves memory, focus, accuracy and performance by boosting neurotransmitter levels as well as reducing anxiety levels.


Chosen for its ability to neutralise free radicals in the brain, this potent anti-oxidant protects neurons from damage and ageing.

Gingko Extract

Improves blood flow to the brain, fuelling it with oxygen and vital nutrients and enhancing long-term memory.

Ginseng Extract

Helps to boost focus and energy levels when under pressure by improving brain concentration, alertness and stamina.


Provides the body with the essential building blocks to generate Dopamine, essential for improving energy, focus and drive.

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